Amber is a resin of pine trees, fossilized at least some 40-50 million years ago. It has been known and admired for centuries for its beauty not only in jewelry, but also in other forms of art. It was used to decorate royal chambers, chests, chandeliers and pieces of fine furniture. Masterpieces of amber artwork are exhibited in many European museums and galleries. Most of amber comes from Baltic Sea area, which is also well known for its superior quality, variety and multitude of different colors and shades. Biggest deposits of amber are found in Southeastern part of the Baltic Sea. Pieces of amber, known as "Tears of the Pine", sometimes trapped small insects, leaves, grass and other natural particles. Those are called "inclusions". Amber jewelry is being worn both with casual as well as luxury clothing. Amber has been known for its beneficial effects on people suffering from asthma and arthritis.